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Our Program/Curriculum - Ignition Interlock

The ignition interlock program is administered by appointment only.  Clients should expect a minimum of 2-hours for the installation of the device and proper training and use.  Clients will be tested prior to leaving our office to ensure that their device is functioning properly.  The cost for the ignition interlock device is $75 for installation, $75 monthly monitoring and $75 for removal.  We accept VISA & Mastercard and cash as payment.  Please note that there will be a $5.00 processing fee for all debit/credit card transactions.  Payment will be due at time of installation.

For more information and/or to schedule an ignition interlock installation, click here.

Our Program/Curriculum - Defensive Driving

The defensive driving program consists of 6-hours of training as developed by the drivers educators of Georgia (D.E.O.G.).  The cost of the course is $95; if a student is taking the course strictly for insurance purposes only, the cost will be $50.  The course reviews all applicable laws, rules and regulations as it relates to Georgia roads and highways.  Also included in the course is two dvd presentations - Extreme Driving Quiz and Road Rage:  Havoc on the Highway.  A final exam will be administered at the end of the course and upon passing with a minimum of 70%, a certificate of completion will be awarded.

Our curriculum is developed and provided by Prime for Life for the Risk Reduction Program.  The total cost of the 20-hour risk reduction program is $355.00 which includes all course materials and assessment fees.

The assessment component consists of a series of brief questions that the student must answer.  The results of this assessment will provide the course instructor with valuable information as to the student's ability to successfully complete the program.  This component will be administered during regular office hours, although after hour appointments are available.  The average time to complete this component is between 30-45 minutes depending on the student's comprehension level.

The intervention component is conducted in a stress free classroom environment.  Students are encouraged to participate freely and provide feedback to the instructor.  There are six sessions total.  Each session offers traditional as well as dvd assisted instruction for ease of application.  When finished, the student will receive his/her certificate of completion.

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